Did you leave Woodbury Financial? 

I did not leave Woodbury Financial.  I am still affiliated with Woodbury Financial as my broker dealer.  Only the name of the business has changed.

Is your contact information the same?

Yes, I can still be reached at Lorelle.Farber@woodburyfinancial.net or at 425.615.7809.  Our physical location is still 9 Lake Bellevue Drive, Suite 210, Bellevue, WA 98005.    

Are you changing broker dealers?


Will my investments or strategy change?

No.  Your investment strategy is based on your needs and would only change if there was a life event warranting a change in your strategy.

Will I have to do new account paperwork with this change?

No new paperwork!

How will service of my accounts and my financial plan be impacted?

You will continue to receive the same level of service that you have come to know and love. 

What is continuity and succession and why does it matter?

Continuity in the financial services industry is about planning for the unplanned.  For instance, if I am incapacitated for any reason, one of my colleagues will be available to take over servicing accounts, responding to questions, and the investment management. My Continuity Agreement is also on record with Woodbury Financial.

Succession is planned and with a person, or people, that you have met and already know.  These people would carry on our relationship and “the business” as planned.  Establishing New Thought Financial Group was the first step.  We are now working on our strategic plan where detailing the succession plan is a key component.

What is your vision for the new company?  Did it change?

The vision for New Thought Financial Group has been formalized, and visions tend to become more focused over time.  When I speak from my heart, this current vision encapsulates what I would love clients to know and feel.  

Ensure everyone knows they have an opportunity to thrive, by building confidence in their ability to manage all aspects of their lives.

Are you retiring?

Not yet!  Having our business strategy in place, a succession plan, and a prospective successor, is necessary before moving to the next phase.  Your comfort and care are on my mind and my heart throughout this process.  If you have any concerns or input, please reach out to me!

Are you taking on new clients?

Referrals are always accepted and followed up on.  If it is a good fit, then YES, I take on new client relationships.