One needs to know where they are before they go on a trip. That’s where we start. What income do you have, what expenses do you have, what resources do you have? Then, what are your plans, ideas, dreams, and goals? We gather as much information as possible that has any impact on the financial side of your life.

We plan for everything we can think of, and with decades of experience, we can provide additional stories for you to consider what “usually” happens, when a home is bought, a child is born, a sudden death or a sudden windfall. Then we make sure we plan for the unexpected (pandemic, job loss, recession, etc.)

We offer fee-based financial planning where you have no obligation to continue to work with us. Each contract is for twelve months where you have access to us with your questions and help with implementation. We also offer fee-based investment management if you want specific allocation, risk and oversight of your investments and are looking for a longer-term relationship.