Financial Planning and Cash Flow Review

Laptop with mini shopping cart and cash

Knowing your cash flow is the beginning of any financial plan.  It is not about a budget, or judgment of spending.  It is about your awareness of how and why and where you spend your hard-earned money. It is simply the circulation of money, in and out.

Cash flow is just one piece of fabric you need to build your life.  It provides the basis of any calculation to see how much you can spend on a car, a vacation, a home, and all the chapters ahead of you.

Many people have asked us to tell them how much they can spend in retirement.  Why be limited to that?  Let’s look together at what you want the result to be, then we can frame everything else around trying to make sure you can do that, and that you have the freedom to live with peace of mind.

We provide the opportunity to look at your situation and to create efficiencies that may provide a better outcome. Sometimes rearranging what you are doing, with the same dollars, can give one hope that their dreams are possible. Most people don’t have to find more money, they just need to define their priorities and reallocate resources to the most important issues in their life.

Having a Financial Plan means that you know where all your resources are; You know what you are saving, and you are aware of your spending; You know where you are right now.  It also provides you information regarding benefits you have through an employer like life and disability insurance.

The plan provides a predictive illustration of what your resources could provide and where there may be gaps, assuming you keep doing the same thing currently.  This is for any stage or chapter of your life.