We create a safe environment so that you can be yourself even if you feel shame about past financial behaviors, and help you move to positive habits that build confidence in your ability. (No judgment.) Having a plan, where we are your guide—the sherpa—helps you get up the mountain building the wealth you need for a sustainable retirement or chapter 2 or 3 or 4. And, since most mishaps happen on the way down the mountain, we remain the guide when you need to USE the resources you have accumulated.

We love repeating back to clients their concerns, and we put a positive spin on it. The purpose is to effectively change your thinking and have new thoughts about old patterns.

New Thought Financial Group means we put new thoughts and solutions together for old problems, issues, debt reduction, retirement savings, college savings, the dream vacation, or the dream vacation home. Sometimes, the solution is just rearranging how you think about money and save money and spend money, so that it is more efficient now AND later.